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Here is our BWOA team at a glance including current and past members and administrators.

BWOA Team (at a glance)

  • Shirley Moody-Turner, Faculty Director, BWOA, Co-Director, CBDR

  • Sabrina Evans, Co-Project Coordinator, Mellon Satellite Faculty Partner, Howard University
  • Yolanda Mackey, Co-Project Coordinator
  • Kesla Elmore,  Digitize Black Women’s Records Day, Co-Chair
  • Lauren Barnes, Digitize Black Women’s Records Day, Co-Chair
  • Takina Walker, Digital Research and Visualizations, Co-Chair
  • Kendra Napier Fonash, Digital Research and Visualizations, Co-Chair
  • Carmin Wong, BWOA #Harper200 Liaison 
  • Morgan Robinson, BWOA Douglass Day Liaison 
  • Chaunece Reed, Social Media Team 
  • Wendyliz Martinez, Social Media Team


Supported by:

  • Lauren Cooper, Managing Director and Digital Scholarship Librarian 
  • Summer Hamilton, Digital Project Developer


CBDR Leadership Team:

  • Gabrielle Foreman, Co-Director, Center for Black Digital Research
  • Jim Casey, Associate Director, Center for Black Digital Research
  • Sergio Carmona, Budget and Finance Coordinator 
  • Gabrielle Sutherland, Event and Communications Administrator


BWOA Liaisons 

  • Brandi Locke, Co-Chair, Colored Convention Project (CCP) Digital Archives
  • Denise Burgher, Director, Community and Curricular Engagement, CCP
  • Carol Rudisell, Mellon Satellite Partner, Reference and Instructional Services
  • Curtis Small, Mellon Satellite Partner, Librarian 


Past Members

  • Arline Wilson, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Delaware
  • Kirstin Moriah,  Mellon Satellite Partner, Queens University
  • Nneka Dennie, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Washington and Lee University 
  • Rachel Fernandes, Mellon Visiting Scholar, Queens University


BWOA Website Team, Edition 1, August 2021

  • Lauren Cooper
  • Sabrina Evans
  • Katie Warczak
  • Dr. Shirley Moody-Turner

*The original Anna Julia Cooper website was created by Katie Warczak in 2019, then updated and incorporated into the Black Women’s Organizing Archive (BWOA) website in 2021.



Anna Julia Cooper Digital Project, 2017-2021