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On October 9, 2020, Mary Ann Shadd Cary’s birthday,  scholars, writers, and artists whose scholarly and artistic work draws upon the powerful legacy of Mary Ann Shadd Cary.


1) Introduction of Mary Ann Shadd Cary Series by Dr. Gabrielle Foreman and Dr. Shirley Moody-Turner
2) The Power of Black Arts by Dr. Kristin Moriah
3) Mary Ann Cary poem reading by charles e. smith
4) Introduction to Sharing Our Legacy Dance performance by Dr. Lynnette Overby
5) Performance of Mary Ann Shadd Cary’s Story through performance by Sharing Our Legacy Dance Theatre
6) Artistic Directors Discussion with charles e. smith, Lynnete Overby, Ralph Russell, April Singleton, and Emilie-Andree Jabouin • Moderated by Dr. Kristin Moriah
7) Introduction to Shadd’s Daughter Project by Dr. Lynnette Overby
8) Performance of Torch Bearer: Dance by Emilie-Andree Jabouin, poetry by Glenis Redmond, and music by Ralph Russell. Choreography by Emilie-Andree Jabouin and Dr. Lynnette Overby
9) Closing by Dr. Kristin Moriah and Dr. Gabrielle Foreman


Kristin Moriah is an Assistant Professor of English at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. As a Colored Convention Project’s satellite partner, she is a symposium co-organizer and will edit a collection on Mary Ann Shadd Cary.

Lynette Overby is Professor of Theatre at University of Delaware and Artistic Director of SOL. She serves as co-editor of Dance: Current Selected Research and was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Dance Education Organization.

charles c. smith

charles c. smith is a poet, playwright and essayist who has written and edited fourteen books. charles is the Executive Director of Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario and Artistic Director of the wind in the leaves collective.

Emilie-Andree Jabouin

Emilie-Andree Jabouin is a graduate student at Ryerson University. Her interests include Black Canadian and immigration history, archives and memory, print and visual media analysis, theatrical performance, and social and liberation movements.

Sharing Our Legacy Dance Theater: Mary Ann Shadd Cary – Her Life and Legacy

Bebe Ross Coker

Bebe Ross Coker is a graduate of Morgan State (College) University and has dedicated her lifelong service work to the State of Delaware in arts, education, church, community and history organization. Ms. Coker presently serves on the board of the Community Education Building, is Vice-Chair of the Maurice J. Moyer Academic Institute, and is a member of the Muriel Gilman Women Action Group and Strong Neighborhoods (United Way of Delaware).

Raye Jones Avery

Raye Jones Avery serves on the boards of Kuumba Academy Charter School, Wilmington Urban League, Wilmington Center for Education Equity and Policy and is president of the DE Chapter of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women. Currently, she is exploring spirit-led creative ventures in music and writing.

Ralph Russell received his doctorate in Composition from the University of California, Santa Barbara. His composes for large and small ensembles. Recently, he composed and arranged short pieces for several dance productions in Delaware: Women of ConsequenceDavid the Potter, Same Story, Uprising, and Re-Entry.

Glenis Redmond’s love of words has carried her across the country for two decades. She logs over 35,000 miles a year bringing poetry to the masses. This Road Warrior Poet, though steeped in Afro-Carolininan roots, speaks a universal tongue of love, loss, celebration, sorrow and hope.