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On February 12 and 14, 2021, the Black Women’s Organizing Archive partnered with the Douglass Day team and Library of Congress to transcribe the last major portion of Mary Church Terrell’s archive.

The annual Douglass Day Transcribe-a-thon was held over two days with a live broadcast program featuring a great lineup of speakers.

Friday, Feb. 12, 2021 Program

  • Welcome & introductions
  • “Lift Every Voice and Sing” (Soul Sistas)
  • Overview of the program
  • Speakers on Douglass and Terrell
    • Nettie Washington Douglass
    • Ray and Jean Langston
    • Dr. Alison Parker, author of Unceasing Militant
  • Learn how to transcribe (tutorial)
  • Transcribing
  • Speakers on Douglass & Terrell
    • Dr. Lopez Matthews, Ken Grossi and Adrienne Cannon
    • President Carmen Ambar (Oberlin College)
    • President Glenda Glover, Ph.D, JD, CPA (AKA)
    • President Beverly Evans Smith (Deltas)
    • Andrea Brooks-Smith (NACWC)
    • Louis Davis (AARP-DC)
    • Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton
  • Sing “Happy birthday” (Dr. Clay Colmon)
  • Highlights and recap from the day
  • Closing remarks and reflections

Sunday, Feb. 14, 2021 Program

  • Welcome & introductions
  • Sing “Lift Every Voice and Sing” (lyrics)
  • Overview for the Douglass Day 2021 program
  • Transcribing
  • Sing “Happy birthday”
  • Speakers on Douglass and Terrell
  • Highlights and recap from the day
  • Announce the last two Bake Off winners
  • Closing remarks & reflections

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